in our house, bedtime goes something like this:
bath. way easier to bathe both at once. except riley can't "swim" as well.
bottle (for macie. except tonight she only wanted an ounce. which turned out to be because matt had just fed her before i got home from work. oops. awesome communication).
books (2 for riley, 1 for macie while rocking).
bed. macie usually grabs her nuk, rolls over and closes her eyes.
riley? not so much. we go up. put on a diaper. feed squish the fish. say prayers. cover up.
then the questions start.
"mom? mom? just testing"
"i need to say goodnight to dad again"
"can we go see the stable where jesus was born? is it knocked down? can you check?"
"tomorrow can we find tigers fighting on the computer?"
"did i have a long day today"
and on.
and on.
and on it goes.
no amount of ignoring (he just yells louder), or deferring until tomorrow (he just keeps talking through my pleas) or answering (there are ALWAYS more questions) work.
he eventually tires. at least he has so far. and i do have to give him credit..he is far more creative than the standard "i have to go to the bathroom" "i need a drink"

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  1. my sister had a habbit of asking questions at 3am. The best one?
    "Mommy, what do crabs do?"
    "They eat little girls who won't go to bed!"
    That was the last time she got up to ask a question!