what happened to my good napper? she has been replaced with a nap-hating, screaming, hyperventilating creature.
old naps: 9 am-change diaper, lay macie down, give her her nuk, she takes it, rolls over, maybe whines a little, falls asleep.
new naps: 9 am-change diaper (so far, so good), begin to lay macie down, as soon as she feels me begin to tilt her horizontally, all hell breaks loose. lay her down, give her her nuk. she promptly spits it out, glares at me and starts shrieking. it's not a sad cry. it's a "woe is me. how dare you do this to me. i'm not having this shit. get me out of here now. i said now" kind of cry. i leave. and peek through the crack in the blinds on the door. she trashes. stands up. stands at the crib railing, stares at the door and just screams. and screams. and screams some more. eventually she lays back down (or collapses out of sheer exhaustion), locates her nuk through eyes clouded with anger and tears, and goes to sleep.
old naps were way easier. and much more quiet.
i have held my ground, though. giving in to her only makes it worse. if she cries long enough i will go in. as soon as the door handle turns, she stops, looks, and smiles. tricky baby she is. i comfort her. and turn for the door. the screaming wayyyy worse. so i try to avoid that situation.
hopefully this too shall pass.

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